Becoming a member

Club members welcome your interest in our club and look forward to receiving your application.

Applicants must be nominated and seconded by people who have been financial members of the club for at least 2 years. No one member can nominate more than four applicants in one calendar year.

Prospective members must attend THREE general meetings as a visitor before the Club will consider an application.  During that period, prospective members will be invited to present themselves to a meeting of the Club’s Committee of Management to discuss their expectations in applying for membership.

Applicants’ names are published in the Club’s newsletter for comment by members before the application is determined.

The cost of becoming a member is as follows:  Joining Fee – $180. The annual subscription is $60 which is reduced on a pro-rata basis from September each year depending on the date you join.  If you join between 1st June and the Annual General Meeting in September you will pay the full subscription, which covers your membership for the following year as well.

If you are accepted as a member, the following information will help you:

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at our Clubrooms and the Club provides a supper. You will be expected to help, on a rotation basis, with “supper duty” (washing and drying cups, etc) and clubroom cleaning.

Your partner and any children under the age of 18 automatically become associate members of the Club and are welcome to attend Club functions.  The Club will supply you and your partner with name badges.  Members are expected to attend General Meetings and Club events.

Prior to each General Meeting, you will receive by email or by post a copy of our Club newsletter “The Bendigo Distributor”.

You do not need to own a historic vehicle to belong to the Club.  Many events are held and you are welcome to attend in your modern vehicle if you don’t have a Club vehicle, or if your historic vehicle is not operating.

Members are eligible to obtain a Club Permit Plate under VicRoads’ Club Permit Scheme.  Information on that Scheme is available through the Club Committee.

Our Club has an extensive range of automotive workshop equipment to assist members when restoring and maintaining their vehicles. The equipment is available to all members.  You can obtain a Clubroom key after five years’ continuous membership or if you participate on a Club committee.  Before then, a key may be obtained for specific projects by applying to the Committee of Management, or may be borrowed from another member for once-off use.  Please be advised that we need to apply an absolute rule to protect Club security and for insurance reasons: members must not share a Club key with people who are not financial members.  Any member who breaks that rule shall be expelled in line with procedures that are permitted by the Club’s constitution.

In November of each year our Club organizes the Bendigo National Swap Meet on behalf of the Victorian Federation of Veteran, Vintage and Classic Vehicle Clubs. This event provides the bulk of funds for our Club activities and all able members are required to help with the running of the event.  Specifically, you will be rostered onto two two-hour shifts during the event, and you are also encouraged to participate in mark-out day and clean-up.  Associate members are also encouraged to assist.

Please contact the Club Secretary for further information