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Daylesford MOTORFEST

Mark and Laura Tangey sponsored their father’s Memorial Trophy 2019, Peter Tangey. Peter was a member of the MOTORFEST Team whose passion for motoring inspired others and was a true enthusiast and in retirement a KLFM Radio Presenter. Mark and Laura needed to select a car, after looking at many vehicles they were in a dilemma as to which car to nominate, finally they decided to find one that was similar to one that their father loved. It was 1971 GT Valiant Charger, and it was the right colour, Yellow. Laura presented the trophy to the proud owner.  

Australia Day 2019

Bright and early Peggy and Clive were at it again organising the meals and ensuring that the days activities proceeded along smoothly.  The flavour of the day was our traditional Aussie bbq of snags, bacon, eggs, hash browns served with lavish amounts of salad, sauce all washed down with tea and coffee. Aussie flags were seen flying in the Bendigo sun, our member Richard Mills had 2 flags proudly attached to the front of his Ford for all to see.

Lake Weeroona

The day was very hot and this may have been a problem but was interrupted by the noise of the nearby stationery engine which was drawing water from the lake and demonstrating the pumping operation.  I think a few people passing at various times may have enjoyed the cooling effects of a spray of water as the wind caught it. The shade from the trees in that area was appreciated by members, their cars and those who stopped to admire the vehicles.