Lake Weeroona

Members at the event

Brian Mitchell,  Greg and Helen Ralph Alan Riley, Mark Godwill, Graeme and Judy Baker, Pat Clarkson, John Broadbent, John Rowe, Frank and Lorraine Robbins, Neil Athorn Terry Morley.

It was hot but enjoyable

The day was very hot and this may have been a problem for many members.   The general  public seemed to come in early to enjoy the activities before the day became too hot.

I brought our 1950 Morris Minor to the lake in two capacities; as a car club member and to socialise with other members and as a member of the quilting group.  Doug was unable to come – too hot – so I brought the car down early and then came back after lunch.  It was enjoyable to be able to catch up with members as in the last 3 years our club activities have taken a step back due to health problems.

My second commitment was as a member of the Strathdale (Bendigo) Qulters Inc.  Every two years this group has a quilting exhibition at St Andrews Hall during the Easter Fair.  A quilt cover has been made for the Morris as a way of promoting this event and the quilt raffle, where the proceeds are donated to a local charity.  This year the charity we are supporting is BEAM.  Bendigo.  The Morris with quilt cover was parked between club cars and the quilters, and drew a lot of comments.  

The day was interrupted by the noise of the nearby stationery engine which was drawing water from the lake and demonstrating the pumping operation.  I think a few people passing at various times may have enjoyed the cooling effects of a spray of water as the wind caught it.    

The shade from the trees in that area was appreciated by members, their cars and those who stopped to admire the vehicles.  

My apologies to members who were there and I have missed naming them and to any new members whose names I am not familiar with.

Article written by Pat Clarkson.