Visit to Fortuna Villa and High Tea at the Club Rooms

Visit to Fortuna Villa

On Sunday the 3rd of December about 70 Club Members gathered at the Fortuna car park for a 1:30 pm guided tour of the historic building and grounds.

Our guide radiated endless energy with many a tale told of each room we visited. The new owners have achieved almost a miracle restoring, preserving and renovating this grand old building. Much work still to go in the pipe line. The scope of the works must be mind boggling, great discipline is required here. The building is enormous, its multi story complete with tunnels that once stored wines and spirits.

Our members toured and examined each and every room in great detail, from the secret bathroom to the grand old ball room. Fortuna was once owned by the richest man in the world so he arranged to build the biggest and the best residential dwelling of its time. Its all on show for the public to see, bookings are available for prim and proper high tea. A stroll of the grounds revealed a bygone era that still exists, where boating on your personal private lake, or refreshments served near a replica of your own Italian fountain were at one time possible.

On conclusion of our adventure the members thanked our personal guide and a welcome round of applause was received with thanks.

Before all members converged on our Club Rooms for our high tea, Clive warned all present not to touch the food until Peg and Kaye give the go ahead. All members proceeded to the Club Rooms.

High Tea at the Club Rooms

I counted about 88 members at the Club Rooms for High Tea. A few extras levitated into the group for the afternoon food. Peggy and Kaye spent many hours preparing food and ensuring the afternoon to be a great success. Peggy kept a watchful eye on the front table where the food was displayed.

Finally the word was out that we could begin, my taste buds went into overdrive with the variety of goodies on offer. Everything from white and dark chocolate rum balls to sandwiches with the crusts removed and of course Peggy’s home made punch topped off with ample amounts of tea and coffee. As always lavish amounts of food for the most hungriest Club members was on offer, thus ensuring that all had full tummies.

Peggy and Kaye continued on stocking the servery table with delights until the consumption of food slowed. On cleanup many members assisted with the clearing of tables and washing and drying of dishes.

A great meal organised by our expert chefs Peggy and Kaye! Thanks so much from the Committee and all the Club members who attended. Our culinary events always are a major highlight on the Club calendar.

Article and photos by Colin Butler