The Federation of Veteran, Vintage & Classic Vehicle Clubs of Victoria

The Federation was formed in 1970 currently has 105 Clubs in its membership and is an umbrella group for clubs that cater for vehicles (i.e. cars, motorcycles, trucks, stationary engines, etc) and not individuals as members.

The objectives of the Federation are

  • To foster and promote adequate assistance for the preservation and restoration of Veteran, Vintage and Classic vehicles.
  • To publish a state wide calendar of events of all member clubs.
  • To encourage membership of the federation by clubs eligible under the constitution.[/list_item]
  • To provide assistance for the study of problems related to the Veteran, Vintage and Classic clubs throughout Victoria, Australia and the world.
  • To open and maintain channels of communication between Veteran, Vintage and Classic movements.
  • To advise persons and organisations working for the benefit of Veteran, Vintage and Classic movements
  • To procure and provide information and establish an information centre for the purposes of the Federation.
  • To publish or cause to be published any information concerning or affecting the development of clubs in the state of Victoria and circulate or otherwise any reports, periodicals, books, or other documents which the Federation may consider will promote the objects of the Federation.
  • To co-operate affiliate or associate with any organisation having similar or related objects to those of the Federation.
  • To obtain collect and receive money and funds by way of contribution, donation, fees, subscriptions, legacies and grants and accept or receive any property real or personal.
  • To do or procure to be done any act incidental to or conductive to the furtherance of the objects of the Federation.

The Federation of Veteran, Vintage & Classic Vehicle Clubs of Victoria’s website.