Restoration of a 1927 Paige Saloon

I suppose I should start with a short history of the car. It was purchased new in Melbourne by my grandparents. I believe that my Grandmother was the main driver in the early years. To my knowledge my Grandfather never drove a car. When the family ceased to use the car in Melbourne, around the mid 30’s, my father took it to the Mallee, for his use, as his main transport up until that time was horse. It was shedded on the farm in the early 50’s when Dad bought his first Austin A 40. When I left school in 59 we decided to make the Paige into a Ute. All the panels and doors were stored in the barn.

Since moving to Marong my son, Kris,and I have begun to restore the Paige from the ground up.

So far the motor has been fully reconditioned, as has the gearbox and differential. We have sand blasted the chassis and panels and sealed them with primer. All the chrome parts have been “redone”.

The firewall and front doors have been mounted on the chassis. My problem now, is the  rear   suicide  doors.  I am at a loss to know how to go about assembling that part of the car and need some direction.

Because of my dilemma I am sending out an SOS to anyone in the club who has a knowledge of how to go about this area of reassembly of a timber metal frame.

In the new year we have offered to host  a garage night and anyone interested in coming,  or feels that they can offer some advice would be very welcome.

Our home address is 7 Evermore Drive Marong. Coming from Bendigo turn left at the Marong Pub, on to the Calder alternate and right into Evermore Drive, opposite the swimming pool. House is on right at T intersection. Hope to see you there.

Submitted by Frank Allan