Federation Delegates Meeting 

110 people attended the Federation Delegates Meeting held In Bendigo 14 October 2017. Thank you to Peggy Bennett and Kaye Diss for the great lunch and afternoon tea.  Thanks to the members who came along in the Club cars to provide an interesting display and to help out with the parking and for cleaning up after the meeting.  Congratulations to Rini Zysvelt for winning the badge for his car on display.

Club President Lloyd welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming to Bendigo and presented what the Swap means to Bendigo and the Club.

Trafalgar Holden Museum were welcomed as new members to Federation.

Australia Day in the Domain 2018.  The Premier’s Department has down sized this again to 50 cars in 2018.  RACV requests that cars going on display to have the drivers start them and explain all about them to the public.  Those vehicles will be hand selected by the RACV.  This brings to an end 40 years of Federation involvement.

Marong Picnic – Everyone was thanked for attending.  Federation is looking at the leaving time.  More information next meeting.

Club Permit Scheme – Vicroads are looking at changes to CPS to line the system up with the rules that apply to fully registered vehicles.  Once they have completed investigations they will advise further.

AHMF Meeting – The Shannon Trust provided sponsorship for work being carried out on a 1925 Overland by Kalinda McIntyre from Monbulk.  Matters discussed were Associate members and resolved that these will be limited to organisations across the country such as RACV.   The new President is Mike Beale from the Bush Council in NSW.  Future meetings were discussed and one will be held at the Swap, two by phone link and the AGM in person in Adelaide in 2018.  Vehicle Theft information and instances are to be sent to local State Council and then to the AHMF WWW master to spread across the country.  Asbestos in imported vehicles and some overseas companies offer services to clear them of asbestos before shipping.  National Motoring Heritage day will be on the 20th May 2018.  2020 rally and the sub Committee is working hard on that and Fed Vic is looking at a run up Highway 31 to this event.

Bendigo Swap – Thanks to Ashley Gray for making an excellent presentation to Delegates.

Golden Oldies Tour and John and Margaret Davis were thanked for another excellent event.  Next one in 2019 leaving the Wunghnu Picnic and travelling up into the mountains.

Open Rally October 2018 – There will be details in this magazine and on Club’s website soon.

100 Years Veteran to Vintage 2019 – John Rolinson is working on a suitable badge to be handed to all Veteran and Vintage vehicles that attend Federation events in 2019.  Only one per vehicle.  That is the 5 picnic days, Bendigo to Castlemaine run and Golden Oldies tour.

Tax on Imported vehicles over $60,000 combined Value –  A group of gentlemen have been meeting to try and stop the Luxury Car Tax being charged on 30+ year old collectable vehicles.  Reason is that they are not generally for resale and their maintenance and repair assists the economy.  As this assists individuals and not the Movement as a whole Federation Committee decided not to support this.  There are other tax problems such as raising the tax on clubs’ non-member income to more than $416.00 annually to be considered.  Clubs may decide themselves if they wish to support the Group trying to stop the car tax being charged.

Submitted by Neil Athorn